Texas Government: Written assignment

Please follow instruction:
Governor Profile – Texas
Answer the following questions. For each question, make sure you include a link showing where you obtained the information.
Pick any Texas Governor other than Greg Abbott. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Governors_of_Texas)
Include a picture of the governor.
Name the political party this governor represented.
List any governmental positions held prior to becoming governor
Name the dates the positions were held
Personal information
Date of Birth, Death (if deceased)
i. Include only degrees and schools attended after high school
Gubernatorial Elections or assuming of office
Indicate how he came into office (won election, assumed governorship upon death or resignation of…)
For each of his gubernatorial elections, include the following
i. Year of the election
ii. The number of votes for both the person you have chosen and any of his opponents
Indicate for many years this person served as governor.
What part of the Texas Constitution (article and section) discusses how the governor is elected?
Write a one-paragraph summary on a particular bill that your governor vetoed.
i. What was the bill about?
ii. Why did the governor veto it?
What part of the Texas Constitution (article and section) discusses the gubernatorial veto?
Write a one-page (single-spaced) summary of any speech given by this governor. In your summary be sure to note any policy positions or social views the governor takes. For what is the governor trying to argue? What is the governor’s agenda in the speech? Include the text of the speech below your summary.
Find one op-ed published in a newspaper about the tenure of this governor. It must be an op-ed, not just a website about the governor (no Wikipedia, for example). Summarize the OP-ED in a ½ page single-spaced essay the argument of the op-ed. Include a link to the op-ed.
NOTE: Do not cut and paste anything for this assignment. The summaries are to be in your own words after you have read and learned about the topic. Those who cut and paste or in any other way plagiarize will be subject to a 0 and failure of the course.
Files: 9hlfcgxzxc.doc, 637ryhrld9.xlsx

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