the communicable disease transmission and control evidenced in the Outbreak movie

Title Page contains all parts and correct format. (ie: header and page numbering at top right, running head, title of paper, student’s name, college name double-spaced, etc.) Reference page contains more than required scholarly academic reference and text reference. Follows APA guidelines of components: double space, 12 pt. font, hanging indent. Page requirement met with correct margins, double-spacing, Times New Roman font type or 12-point size used.Rules of grammar, usage and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.No pages contain header formatting errors. Information is very organized in well- constructed paragraphs with an introductory sentence, at least 3 details and a concluding sentence. The reader is introduced to the topic. Great use of background information. Purpose of the writing is clear. Provides exceptional and thought provoking analysis that directly addresses details and/or examples of the main topic. Paragraphs are minimum 4 sentences, but less than 8. APA style in-text citations used throughout document.

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