The following transactions occurred during June:

The following

transactions occurred during June: 6/2

Collected $3,000 on account from customers


Sold 25% of the equipment and supplies to a young artist for

$700 cash


Received a $300 invoice from the accountant for preparing last

quarter’s financial Statements.


Paid $1,900 to creditors on account.


Adkins withdrew $2,000 cash for personal use.


Billed a customer $3,000 for a portrait painted this month.

a. Record the necessary journal entries for June on page 2 of the company’s general journal. (See Exhibit


b. Open running balance ledger “T” accounts by entering account titles, account numbers, and May 31

balances. (See exhibit 2.3 and 2.4)

c. Post the journal entries to the “T” accounts.

d. trial balance as of June 30. (See exhibit 2.9)

7. Journal entry preparation.

On January 1 of the current year, Peter Houston invested $80,000

cash into his company MuniServ. The cash was obtained from an owner investment by Peter

Houston of $50,000 and a $30,000 bank loan. Shortly thereafter, the company acquired selected

assets of a bankrupt competitor. The acquisition included land ($10,000), a building ($40,000),

and vehicles ($10,000). MuniServ paid $45,000 at the time of the transaction and agreed to remit

the remaining balance due of $15,000 (an account payable) by February 15.

During January, the company had additional cash outlays for the following items:

Purchases of store equipment


Note payment


Salaries expense


Advertising expense


The January utility bill of $200 was received on January 31 and will be paid next month.

MuniServ rendered services to clients on account amounting to $9,400.

All customers have been

billed; by month end, $3,700 had been received in settlement of account balances.



Present journal entries that reflect MuniServ’s January transactions, including the

$80,000 raised from the owner investment and loan.


Compute the total debits, total credits, and ending balance that would be found in

the company’s Cash account.


Determine the amount that would be shown on the January 31 trial balance for Accounts

Payable. Is the balance a debit or a credit?

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