the Personal Change Plan

This is a good start but I got really confused as I read through your contract.

Your state behavior is to create a schedule. On that schedule you have time to relax, time to exercise, and time to work out. Everything in your plan needs to focus on this behavior and the plan you wish to create.

The rest of the contract is only about working out, eating, or drinking water. None of the contract helps you accomplish the schedule. So either the behavior needs to change or the contract needs to change.

I don’t see the P-E-R defined so I know you understand these concepts.

Stage of change is really good. However, you jump to junk food. Not sure how that relates to a schedule.

I only see one strategy which is the plan you have for working out. I like that you are increasing your exercise each week. You do not need to spend 1.5 hours jogging. I would suspect you have more to do than jog for 10 plus hours a week. This is the exercise portion of the schedule. What about the studying? What about the time for yourself?

I understand using My Fitness Pal. It is a great tool. How does tracking water relate to your schedule? The chart you have created it good but one sample is all I need to see. However, the chart you provide also doesn’t have anything related to the schedule you stated you want to create. The data you track must also put into a graph or chart to show your progress at the midterm and the end of the semester.

It appears from your contract you are more interested in creating a fitness plan. Perhaps the behavior should be to work out 3 days a week or cut down on junk food. At one point you mention tracking calories. Maybe that is a better goal for you than creating a schedule.

Stay focused on the behavior you want to change. Be specific with the behavior you want to change. Create the plan around the behavior. Do not add in things that do not relate to the behavior because you’ll need another plan to address the all.

I understand your friends will support you but resources will you use?

You can resubmit tomorrow

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