This is an exercise in ARCGIS Assignment 4

Exercises: Week 4 Assignment

1.Digitize all of the remaining caves/sinks and springs in the Edwards outcrop area map, placing them in the karstfeatures feature class. Remember to assign the attributes.

2.The Travis-Hays County line runs NW-SE across the Edwards outcrop area map, cutting it roughly in half. Digitize all of the faults SW of the county line, placing them in the faults feature class. Remember to assign the attributes.

3.Create a map showing only the Edwards (State Map) layer outline, the karst features, and the faults. Assign different symbols to cave/sink and spring features, and to the dashed and solid fault lines. Capture the map.

4.Digitize the geological units shown inside the yellow line in Figure 7.28 (p. 230), putting them in the same feature class as the polygons you entered in the tutorial. The area is just NE of the polygons you digitized in the tutorial. Assign each polygon the appropriate attribute. Be sure to use the Auto Complete Polygon tool or the Cut Polygons tool, and plan ahead.

5.Create a unique values map of your geology polygons based on the Unit field. Capture a map showing only these polygons.

6.Digitize the buildings in the full block north of Esther Dr. Also include the houses on that section of Isabelle Dr., as well as the very large building behind them. Finish entering the addresses for all of the buildings.

7.Create a map showing all of your digitized buildings, labeled with their addresses and symbolized by type. Capture the map.

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