Topic:Global Trade war and its implications for China

All the requirement all uploaded in the word file, plz have a look first.

My topic is about the trade war between the US and China, and main focus on China.

1. Briefly talk about the background of this this trade war, e.g what cause this trade war, the timeline of this trade war.

2. How does this trade war impact Chinese economy.

3. What is the Chinese economy looks like before and at the middle of this trade war (use data to support).

4. Use theories or models to analysis this trade war, which industries in China are the most affected by the trade war. Use 2017-2019 articles or world bank report. Please use International Trade Theories or Models. (main focus on this one)

5. what has Chinese government done to reduce the damage from this trade war (e,g policy).

6. What is the future looks like for China.

Please use the latest data as much as possible. Also use at least 8 articles.

Please use the following useful articles:

Liu, T., & Woo, W. T. (2018). Understanding the US-China trade war. China Economic Journal, 11(3), 319-340.

Li, C., He, C., & Lin, C. (2018). Economic Impacts of the Possible China–US Trade War. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 54(7), 1557-1577.(also see Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment report, UNESCAP 2018)

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