US Accounting industry

This semester we have been learning concepts and crunching numbers. I would like us to also take a look at what is currently going on in the US Accounting industry. Please find a news article relating to some type of US Accounting matter from the past 6 months. It should not be too hard to find one (try looking in the business section of a major newspaper, or search: accounting news), but let me know if you run into any issues.

Once you find an article, summarize the article in approximately one to three paragraphs max (depending on article length). Write the article summary as if you were going to summarize the article to your direct supervisor. It should be to the point, highlight the major topics, and include important outcomes. Please note your article source (either as a link or cut/pasted) within your document (it does not need a specific reference format – e.g., MLA). Also, if you feel inclined, please give your opinion on the matter discussed in your article. This can be submitted as a uploaded Word document or simply posted within the available text submission section of the assignment.

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