West Georgia The impact of Lateral violence in Nursing Profession Essay

The purpose of the major scholarly writing assignment (objectives):

●Apply principles of the ANA Code of Ethics provisions. (CO3, PO 5,8)

●Describe lateral violence. (CO1, 3; PO 4, 5, 8)

●Identify factors contributing to lateral violence. (CO1, 3; PO 4, 5, 8)

●Discuss strategies to prevent or decrease lateral violence. (CO1, 3; PO4, 5, 8)

●Explore the influence of legal/ethical accountability on quality and safety in the delivery of care.(PO 5, 8)

●Explore the impact of caring collaborative relationships within interprofessional teams to promote evidence-based care and quality patient outcomes.(PO 4,8)


●Properly formatted outlines will include the following:

Use of the correct font type and size as required by APA.

Title page not required for this assignment ONLY; however, correctly formatted running head and page number should be included (see example)

A draft introduction paragraph with a proposed thesis statement which is clearly indicated.Bolded or underlined font will help easily identify your thesis statement.

Outline of the body of paper including at least FIVE proposed paragraph topic sentences as per the MEAL plan.(See Writing Resources in CourseDen content).

Incorporation of Watson’s Caring Theory and application of at least THREE of the 10 caritas.

Outline of a conclusion that will summarize the paper.

●Reference page with correctly formatted references for sources intended to be used in the final paper.

oUse of at least THREE scholarly sources (journal article, book, reputable website) that are appropriate for the topic of discussion.Sources should be screened carefully to ensure they are primary sources.

NOTE: Inclusion of sources on the outline does not require inclusion on final paper.After completing the outline, should you find additional or different sources you may make changes as needed.

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