What is the key project/issue introduced in the film, environmental science homework help

this paper is connected to last brief policy of environment science. this time i also need you to help me to do two different one. but both use simple language please.

If you have trouble playing the film, try opening it in a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome instead of Safari).

Please review the questions below while watching the film. Your written response should be from 600 to a maximum of 900 words in length (i.e. ~100-150 words for each major bullet point below).

Please bring a hard copy of your response to class on Thursday.

  1. What is the key project/issue introduced in the film? What resource has been privatized, and what is being proposed? Why is the project being proposed?
  2. From a traditional, neoclassical economics perspective, why does constructing the project discussed in the film make sense (i.e. there are likely to be winners and losers, but will society as a whole be better off? Who are the “winners” and who are the “losers”?) Consider discussing in the context of benefits-costs
    1. How does the lead company plan to address the human impacts from the project? What theorem from class is this process similar to? In this case, what factors may affect the “victims” willingness to accept the project? What might a safety standard advocate have to say about this process?
  3. From an environmental economics perspective, what types of externalities may be produced from such projects? Who will be affected by these externalities?
  4. From an ecological economics perspective, what types of impacts (e.g., impacts to natural capital/ecosystem services) may be produced from such projects?
  5. In the context of sustainable development, would you consider this to be a sustainable project? Think about how the social and environmental benefits are distributed (urban vs. rural? Present generations vs. future generations?)? What is the alternative discussed in the film that can perhaps be considered more sustainable in terms of the environmental and social impacts?
  6. Given what you know from the film, your responses above, and what we have learned in class, wrap up the assignment by providing a recommendation regarding the proposed project. (e.g., should it be built? If it is built, what improvements should be made? How can the project be made more sustainable? If it should not be built, why not? What alternative should be provided? What are the potential costs of the alternative?) Opinion is ok, but you should back them up with evidence and examples.

the film is from herehttps://ucsc.kanopystreaming.com/video/patagonia-r… if this doesn’t work, please tell me

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