What is the pathophysiology of heart failure?, health and medicine homework help

Cardiovascular Emergencies Essay

There are many pathophysiologies that will cause a patient a cardiac emergency. This assignment requires you to conduct research on a specific cardiac pathophysiology. Type a minimum 2 page essay explaining the cardiac pathophysiology, the signs and symptoms, and all possible treatments of the pathophysiology. You are required to cite a minimum of 3 references. Your book does not count as a source. Do not use wikipedia as a source. Follow the grading rubric. This will maximize your grade. The grading rubric is below:


A minimum of 3 paragraphs, i.e. an introduction, body, and conclusion.

2 pages double spaced

Times New Roman font

12 point font

Uses a standard formatting style, i.e. MLA or APA



Clearly discusses the topic selected

Includes the one condition, the causes of these conditions, and all possible treatments of these conditions.

Paper is free of plagiarism



Correctly uses in text citations for paraphrasing and direct quotes

Includes 3 scholarly sources. (Textbook and wikipedia are not considered sources)

Correctly formats a works cited page

The Purdue OWL is a great resource to help your write papers. They are located at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/.

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