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Case Study 6: Networking and J.R.by Doug CarterElectronics TechnologyThe University needed to purchase a networking system. Tim pressed hard for the 3-COM network which Tiddley endorsed and supported. C.G. made an excellent pointthat Novell was the system used in the industry as a standard. When Tim learned thatTiddley could bid Novell, he agreed and bids were let for Novell’s Netware.Three very high priced bids came back from companies C.G. had never heard of;Tiddley bid $46,000 and BIG BYTE bid $20,000. Tim suggested that the low bid be thrownout as low bids often are. C.G. was frustrated, claiming the hardware shouldn’t costmore than $14,000 – $15,000 at the most, proved it with ad prices, but Tiddley got thebid, this time through Cripple Creek franchise’s new salesman, Jim (J.R.’s son).A clause in the bid required the equipment to be operational in thirty days. Threemonths later the Tiddley installers contacted C.G. asking for help. C.G. found thatTiddley would have to develop special drives. C.G. reported this to the CCVUpurchasing agent who called Tiddley Corporate Office (about the 30-day clause), theysent out 2 reps and fired the Cripple Creek store manager on the spot. J.R. put his armaround the store manager, escorted him to CCVU personnel office, informed thepersonnel officer that Computer Services had a new employee. The personnel officerquestioned the hiring; he soon left the University. The former Cripple Creek Tiddleyfranchise manager remained with the University. The system finally came on line, buthas had many problems during its operation.What should Cripple Creek do?Derived from: https://canvas.ou.edu/courses/1 150/assignments/13034

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