Why is fitness a major influence with your health and wellness, health and medicine homework help

*Instructions: Answer each question to the best of your ability after you have done scholarly research to help support your answers. Each question requires its own in-text citation and a reference. The reference I provided is required for use, but doesn’t matter which question you use it for, either for #1 or #2. #1 requires a minimum word count of 250 or more and #2 requires minimum word count of 150 or more. Separate each narrative answer for an easier breakdown. Cover/title page is not required, total minimum in-text citation and reference is 2. Here is the reference that is required: Corbin, Charles, Welk, Greg, Corbin, William, Welk, Karen (2012). Concepts of Fitness and Wellness. A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach. 10th Edition. McGraw-Hill. Columbus, OH. NO PLAGIARISM Please!!! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!!!

1. Physical inactivity is one of the primary risks for cardiovascular disease. The American Heart Association has released a free, Web-based tracking tool (www.Heart360.org) that allows individuals to record and monitor changes in key risk factors over time, including blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, inactivity, and body mass index (BMI). With this tool, you create a secure “health vault” account to save confidential health data. The site evaluates your risk profiles and provides links to educational resources. If your physician has a provider account, you can share results with your physician. The Heart360® tool provides valuable information about cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Visit the Heart360 website (www.Heart360.org) and consider how it might help you in tracking your risk factors. Would this type of tool help you adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle? Why or why not? Would the connection with your physician make you more accountable? ***250 or more word count for this question only***

2. Why is fitness a major influence with your health and wellness? ***Provide thorough information based on your research. 150 or more-word count for this question only. ***

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