Research a member of the House Representatives from your home state. Describe in 3–5 pages the connection between the member’s home style and Capitol Hill style.
In an introductory paragraph, state the connection and the principal challenges the Representative faces. In 2 parts, describe the home style and the Capitol Hill style of the member using the suggested points below. Write a short conclusion about the member’s style in relating to constituents and comment/reflect on your experience with the assignment.
You must compose this review according to current Turabian footnote-bibliography format. Include a list of complete citations of the resources consulted. To complete the assignment adequately, the list must include 6–10 citations. You must include a title page and a bibliography page, but they do not count toward the required length of the assignment.
Home style
How does the member present himself/herself and his/her record to his/her constituency?
· Describe the member’s website. (How does it compare to the page of another member?)
o What information or links are provided?
o What’s the appeal?
· Election year campaign
o Major issues and debates, etc.
o Extent of national party involvement
o Election results (margin of victory)
· Off-year local news story
· Describe the member’s district
o Party affiliation demographics
o Major commercial interests and constituent income sources
o Active interest groups in the member’s district
Click here for a useful resource for local and national news.
Capitol Hill Style
Lawmaking and other duties
· Committee/subcommittee memberships
o Jurisdiction of the subcommittees/committees
o Agencies overseen
· Sponsored legislation (or legislation before subcommittess/committees)
o Bill number and Congress (popular name)
o Is the legislation of national party/presidential importance?
o Did the member speak on the floor in congressional debate?
· Committee reports
· Committee hearings – who testified?
· Caucus memberships
· Party and other duties or noteworthy presidential contacts

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