Womens Care-Seeking Experiences

This project is in two parts, the first part is a summary of the study that you will find on page 554 text. put together a summary of this study, and it does not need to be APA format. The second part is to develop a poster presentation of this study. This poster presentations should include the key points from your consensus summary, and then address each of the 3 appraisal questions, which are: Are the results valid/trustworthy and credible? What are the results of the study? Will the results help me in caring for my patients? You do not have to reinvent the wheel here. Just use what we talked about and what you’ve read about in this course and the content of this study. Most of what you will need is right there in the case study.

In unit 9, one member of your group will submit the consensus summary and the poster to the dropbox for grading

In unit 10, one member of the team will post the summary and team project to the discussion board for comment.

Women’s Care-Seeking Experiences After Referral for Postpartum Depression










Swinton 2008

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