write about Quantum Analog

Hi, please read carefully and understand the work before you start working on it.

1st, I need a person who is capable of working in PHYSICS. IF YOU ARE NOT, then DO NOT PICK ME PLEASE.

2nd, I need you to use the references that I have attached into this assignment, if you feel that you need to bring extra references, then you have to bring something related to what we are talking about not something unrelated, because I will not accept it. I will give it a read after you finish and see if you are doing what i am asking or not.

3rd, try to explain everything in the level that we do not go too academic. make it like you trying to explain something to your instructor, or to the reader, who is looking for right, and great answers in short way. just use your words in science when you explaining something. Try to make your writing as the level as the files i have attached.

4th, I want you to use “American journal of physics citation format” and no plagiarism please.

see file named “2” for more explanation.


We are talking about Quantum analog. Therefore, I would like to have some help with writing because of hardly understanding the concepts.

for the calculation and the data I already finished that part, which you do not have to worry about any calculation.

1- I want you to write me an introduction: in the introduction you will read file named “1” and then relate this file to the zip file called “Quantum analog manual”. introduction should be a page where you explain in general what is the purpose of doing this experiment and what is the goal of studying this. as I said before “make it like you trying to explain something to your instructor, or to the reader, who is looking for right, and great answers in short way.

2- I would like you to write me a theory that is involve with the experiment. if you do not know the theory just let me know before you do anything. in theory I want you to type it not just mathematically, but you explain everything and what each letter represent in the theory.

3- I would like you to write me the experimental method. in this part you will go in general about each section and explain how each device work and how they generate. you have to list them. the methods we used are similar to ” http://www.teachspin.com/quantum-analogs.html ” , and “https://www.uni-kassel.de/fb10/institute/physik/fo…

There are questions in Quantum analog manual for the sections that are required from file “1”, try to answer them.

This should be about a page.

in total you will bring me about 4-5 pages about what i have asked you for. use Quantum Analog manual i have attached as your 1st file to read.

file named “1” is the file that has all requirements for each chapter and section in Quantum Analog manual zip file.

file named “2” is the file where you need for organizing the work.

file named” sound waves” brings more explaining and formulas.

you may wonder how will you cite the files that I have attached let do this: if you take something from quantum analog manual, file 1, and file 2, cite them as [1]. and do not worry about adding them in the references, I will do it when i include my calculations. try to make connection between your work and physics, because we are just talking about physics here. main subject, read file “1” and follow Quantum analog manual to write introduction, theory, and expirmental methods. Good luck.

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