Write an essay including these questions

Question 1:

Write a one-page single-spaced executive summary in which you describe A) the future of personal transportation, using companies such as Lyft and Uber as reference points, including self-driving cars in your projection of the future; B) bullet-point projection for at least 5 sectors that the expected changes will impact substantially. There is no right or wrong answer: the answer must be logical and demonstrate proper use of the methods, concepts and strategic planning thinking processes covered in class.

Question 2:

There are two options for this question:

Option A: Write a one-page single-spaced executive summary in which you summarize and explain the value of the following methods for strategic marketing planning: BCG matrix; Porter’s 5 Forces; SWOT. What are the limits of each method and how would you overcome them?


Option B: Write a one-page single-spaced executive summary in which you compare and contrast “standard” strategic planning and “agile” “lean startup” planning methods. Explain their pros & cons and in what situations you would use which method, or how they may be combined and complement each other.

Question 3:

In a one-page single-spaced executive summary, select, summarize, and comment at least one article from the Harvard Business Review or from the MIT Technology Review, and at least one article from one of the leading strategy consulting firms’ blogs or from one of the leading marketing agencies blogs. Explain how each article sheds light on strategic marketing planning and what you learn from them. How would you integrate their content or methods into your strategic marketing planning process? Do you entirely agree with their content? Is it complete? Is it missing an important point?

In all cases, be sure to use reliable sources and properly reference them (using hyperlinks if possible.)

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