Write final paper for Diversity Awareness Course NO PLAGIARISM



All BEHS 220 students at UMUC are required to submit the PDAP, which is worth one quarter of the final course grade. Please take this project seriously. The PDAP should reflect your best work. The PDAP requires you to reflect on what you have learned about diversity understanding, awareness and skills through a practical exercise which culminates in a final 1500-2000-word paper promoting diversity at the individual, community, and even global level. Because communication is a vital skill in promoting diversity awareness, this written project is expected to be thoughtful, well-organized, and well-written. You may wish to consult with the Effective Writing Center and Information and Library Services for guidance.

The PDAP consists of a written final product with the following sections. Please use the headings and note how each section is weighted–writing accordingly. To help Dr. B in evaluation, please address these points in order.

I. PERSONAL GROWTH: 36 possible points

    • Reason(s) for taking the course? (4 points)
    • What are at least two ways in which my “diversity awareness” has been affected by taking this class? (8 points)
    • What are at least two ways in which my “diversity understanding” has been affected by taking this class? (8 points)
    • What are at least two ways in which my “diversity skills” have been affected by taking this class? (8 points)
    • What are at least two steps that I need to take to become a more diversity conscious individual? (8 points)

II. DIVERSITY BENEFITS: 12 possible points

    • What are at least three specific benefits that I will gain from valuing diversity? Support your response with evidence from your text and/or other materials


    • What is the role of communication in promoting diversity awareness? Provide in-text citations from your text and/or other external sources. Use APA format. (8 points)
    • What are at least two ways in which I will improve my communication skills to help others work more productively with me? (8 points)

IV. DIVERSITY GOALS: 8 possible points

      • What are at least two of my most important diversity goals for the future?

V. DIVERSITY ACTIONS: 16 possible points

    • What are three specific ways I will achieve my diversity goals and contribute to creating an environment that values diversity? (Specify whether contributions will have a personal, community or global impact) (12 points)
    • What resources will I need to honor these commitments? (4 points)


    • Writing is clear, concise and comprehensible (4 points)
    • Errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, grammar, etc. are minimal and do not detract from the author’s meaning (4 points)
    • In-text citations and references are properly cited using APA style (for assistance with APA style, consult Information and Library Services) (4 points)


      • Length: Your report will be 1500-2000 words not including title page or references. Less will lose significant point or get a zero.
      • Font: 12 pt; Arial or Times New Roman
      • Margins: 1 inch on all sides
      • Pagination: Page numbers should be included on every page except the title page.
      • Title Page: Should include the title of your report and your name centered on the page.
      • References: Your last page should list all the sources you have used in alphabetical order and in APA format.
      • Citations: Remember to cite ALL language, information or ideas that are not your own to avoid plagiarism. In–text citations and references should be in APA format.
      • Tone: While the assignment is self-reflective, you will include material from the readings. Your writing must be scholarly. Avoid using jargon, slang, contractions or colloquialisms.
      • Syntax: Grammar, spelling, capitalization and sentence construction are important. Always proofread your work!
      • Resources: You are encouraged use the UMUC Effective Writing Center (EWC) as well as Information and Library Services when preparing your Personal Action Plan (PDAP). No other outside help (roommates, co-workers, your mother, et al.).

Overriding criteria:
Originality and authenticity. If the paper is discovered to be authored by someone other than the student or written for another course, the paper will be sent to the Dean’s Office for sanction.

Clarity – Is your essay clear and easy to follow? It helps to read your essay aloud. Using this method, you can catch incomplete sentences, lack of clarity or lapses in your thought.

Depth – Are the issues and implications thought out and explored?

Originality – Are your views well-articulated? Use your own words. Do not copy material directly from any sources without proper citations.

Form, composition, spelling, etc. – Try to make your paper neat and error free. Run your spell-checker before submitting your work. Note that your work must be written by you, not a friend, family member or online essay company. You may use the EWC.

APA Style – If you used any sources, cite and reference them with the formatting rules of the American Psychological Association, 6e. Any other style will lose significant points. The UMUC Guide to Writing and Research will provide you with some basic APA guidelines, and you can also access this information by visiting UMUC’s library web page. Dr. B’s favorite resource is Purdue University’s OWL. Or, go directly to the APA site.

You are expected to adhere to UMUC’s Code of Conduct. You may use the EWC but may not consult with other individuals (e.g., classmates, family members, co-workers) to complete your PDAP. Plagiarism in any form, including extensive copying with citations, the purchase or use of an online essay-generating entity, paper written for another course, etc., results in your paper being sent to the Dean’s Office for sanctions.

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